I've been playin for about 3 months and ive noticed that everytime after i play my left arm hurts. Any idea why?
Are you playing with a strap? Perhaps you should adjust it a bit. If not, perhaps you're still not used to it.
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Don't force anything. If your arm hurts for longer periods, stop playing, you might get injured.
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You might not be relaxing enough when you're playing. You need to keep both your right and left arms relaxed while playing, if you don't it's easy to strain your arm muscles.
If you've only been playing a few months, you're muscles are probably just not used to it yet.

That being said, I recently starting gigging again after taking several years off. About a month ago, we played 2 shows back-to-back and I washed/ waxed the wife's car the following day. My left elbow/ forearm was hurting later in the day & didn't think much of it... until the next morning when I could barely move it!! Yep, I got teh Tendonitis

Bought myself the 'tennis elbow' brace, iced the **** out of my arm, & didn't play AT ALL for almost 2 weeks. Somehow, I survived another gig last weekend & I'm just now getting to the point where I can move my arm without pain.

I sat down to practice for the first time since injuring my arm last night & had to cut it short after only about a half-hour

Moral of the story: repetitive stress injuries SUCK! So, stretch & warm up before you play and always be careful if anything starts to hurt during/ after practice.
All the above. What I'd also add, is that I suspect that if you're a rocker of any sort, you probably have your guitar way too low. I used to model myself after Slash and all them fags when I started playing, having my guitar really low because it's "cool" and stuff. Didn't take long for the aches and pains to set in. If you have your guitar quite low- raise it. You'll find it easier to play, you won't develop repetitive strain injuries, and you'll probably sound better, too.
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If it's his left wrist, and he plays guitar right-handed- he wears his guitar too low.


Work on that as well as keeping your elbow out away from your side and your wrist straighter.