I made a post several days ago referrig to having a bad pickup. Since then I have checked all my connections several times, rewired, and put in a new jack (The pots were already new) What else besides the pickup could it be?
How do you do that? I put a multimeter to both leads if thats what you mean. It was about half.

If you are getting a reading on the multimeter (although you don't seem to know how to read it), then you have continuity, so I'm struggling to see what could be wrong with the pickup - to test wire it directly to the output jack with no other components in between and see if it works - if it does, there is something wrong with the rest of your wiring.
Ok will try that.

As to the multimeter, I just use it to check connections, never used it for anything else.
I'd start by testing the continuity between each of the components, make sure you have a signal getting between them.

If you post a nice clear picture of your wiring someone might spot something