This morning, like 10 minutes ago, my mom woke up, and she tried to move, and she gave out a screech. SHe was in a lot of pain due to her rheumatoid arthritis. It was acting up today because yesterday, she took her Pilates class, and when she came home, she noticed her arthritis was acting up. She is really in a lot of pain, and it hurts me inside.

I recently searched up rheumatoid arthritis on Wikipedia, and i saw what it does to your joints, and i screeched harshly because of that picture. For people who don't know what arthritis is, here's a basic outlook of it.

Arthritis causes the joints to rub together and cause bones to erode and swell up, causes heavy pain. It can also cause distortion in the joints, such as the hands. It really is revaulting.

Anyone else know somebody with arthritis? if you do, post what has happened to them because of it.

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2. No double posting. I mean its really annoying
3. This thread is only for people you know with any type of arthrits really.

Please no jokes because this is a possible life-threatening disease, so no making fun of somebody with the disease.
My friend has Arthritis but incredibly is an amazing dancer
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