what does their name mean?


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, the Dead Trousers. Now there's a name.

I've heard some of their stuff solely because they toured with the Living End a few years ago in Germany, but I like what I heard. I should give them a more thorough listen.
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Its on guitar hero I believe.
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Love that band. Germany has 4 very cool Punk bands I know of so far, Die Toten Hosen, Die Artze, The Beatsteaks and Terrorgruppe. There are obviously more out there though.
It loosely translates to the deadbeats. One of my favorite bands with great lyrics focusing on friendship and keeping your head up and stuff. I think they'd be as big as the Ramones if they were British or American. They've been together since like 1980.
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And it's awesome. I exepct Lavazza will like them.

Die Toten Hosen aren´t really considered as real punk here, they used to be, but then they started doing Unplugged concerts in the opera of Vienna etc. and their singer Campino is well known for a punk singer. I still appreciate that they have ideals and once recorded an album with Joey Ramone.
I think the first music CD I´ever got is by them, it´s no joke it was a present for christmas from my parents when I was 5 years old:

Our drumer at H.M.asS has all of their CDs, since his mother likes them a lot.
If you like them Adam check out http://www.myspace.com/aerzte , they are the other "punk" band from Germany which is well known by EVERYBODY, though not well liked by punks.

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Love that band. Germany has 4 very cool Punk bands I know of so far, Die Toten Hosen, Die Artze, The Beatsteaks and Terrorgruppe. There are obviously more out there though.

If you like Terrorgruppe check out WIZO or ZSK......
I liek the Beatsteaks 3 years ago, when they were a less known band, nowadays they tour with Seeed, a hip hop band and thei music becomes more like pop
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Silly Germans and their sexually suggestive album covers.
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I like Terrorgruppe and Die Artze too. The stuff doesn't seem too poppy on the album I have... I knew they were big in Germany though.

Terrorgruppe aren´t that poppy, their music sounds a bit like Skate Punk, but their texts aren´t nearly as catchy as the "real" punk bands......if you like Terrorgruppe listen to "The Bottrops" they have the old singer of Terrorgruppe

Die Ärzte once were ok, when they were founded in 1982 (?) they were the supporting band for Toxoplasma (my favourite German band), now they earn millions, their concerts cost 40€ (as much as a two day festival) and their last album was #1 in the Album charts for several weeks (that´s nothing bad, but it shows that their music must have changed into a certain direction). The biography says "after founding Die Ärzte Bela and Farin lost their interst in Hardcore".