saw them last night in Toronto...and i gotta tell ya...if u get a chance to catch their show, do it...they just seem to get better and better..
yea I kinda have to hijack this thread for a second, but does anyone here NOT like RTF? I've tried getting into them periodically over the course of the past 5 years, but I never seem to dig into their sound.

What's weird is that I have huge chunks of music from the discography of each of the individual members, and I hold them in incredibly high esteem as musicians and artists (well without the exception of Lenny White).

Somehow, there's something about them playing together, and the overtly grandiose epic nature of compositions of RTF which for me seemingly fall halfway between the snarling fury of Mahavishnu Orchestra and the serious funky outings of Larry Coryell with the Eleventh House, and Billy Cobham's jazz-funk period.

to be fair, I haven't heard that much of RTF, but I've heard enough to decide whether I like them or not, and so far, it's always been in the negative. and it puzzles me because I intuitively want to like them. kinda strange. same reason with Paul Gilbert (off on a tangent but whatev), know this dude's playing in and out, great ****ing musician, monster chops, but can never get into his music.

anybody else have this curious dilemma?

PS: tell us some more about the show!
Romantic Warrior is one of my favorite album of all time. Chick Corea's solo on the title track blows my mind like nothing else could.Indefinitely my favorite jazz/jazz fusion act ever.
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Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy and Light As a Feather might help you appreciate them. I find those to be extraordinary albums.
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The last album I listened to, actually, was Return to Forever's No Mystery. As good as it is, I can help laughing through Dayrider because there is no doubt in my mind that Return to Forever is the ultimate pornographic music group.

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yea I kinda have to hijack this thread for a second, but does anyone here NOT like RTF? I've tried getting into them periodically over the course of the past 5 years, but I never seem to dig into their sound.

The first time that I had ever listened to them I didn't really dig them. The group's music grew on me, though. While Return to Forever isn't necessarily a band I listen to often, I do try and bring out an album of their's from time to time.
well axe...sold out show at the sony centre, die hard fans, incredible acoustics, band in rare spirits and form...2 sets..10min solos...what more could ya ask for? also..i've known their music for a long time..but nothing prepares you for the live show..lenny and stanley grab u by the guts early..and dont let go..chick is a ****ing genius..and al is still lightning, but seems more melodic these days..
I have tickets to their Boston show, VIP!! If anyone is interested in going, VIP is definatley worth the money. Especially for something like this, Return To Forever returning to the scene!
I, also, want to hear more about the Toronto show. I want to know what is in store for me!
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I like their earlier stuff more than their later when it all became about the Scientology and they songs sounded a little weird.

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i recently discovered them, and i instantly fell in love with that band.....especially stanley clark!

my first album i bought from them was 'no mystery' all i can say is wow!

celebration suite killed me! damn i tripped
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Did anybody go to see them in London last night? One of the best gigs ive EVER been to. My pants are still wet from Stanley Clarkes bass solo
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OMG! i think i might go to one of their shows! they're actually coming to maryland.

o and im sure your pants are soaked!
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Saw them in Atlanta... wow, just amazing. It was actually my first time seeing any of those guys in concert, but talk about a great show. The old songs were awesome, of course. The solo improvs were all really good as well. I can honestly say I'd never seen somebody do windmills on an upright bass before, and probably will never see such a thing again. Clark was great throughout the show (holy crap those right hand fingers fly!), but that bit really stuck in my head. Di Meola's solo was quite impressive as well, absolutely captivating. White's was one of the few drum solos I truly enjoyed, and Corea had a great bit on the grand piano. Great musicians, amazing band, fantastic show.
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That was the last album from Return to Forever that I listened to. Real quality.

yea they changed to much after that.....i really like romantic warrior, but its alot different
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I've noticed that these shows are gaining quite a lot of notority. I've seen several ads in magazines and newspapers, and well as online and over the radio that have announced the band's upcoming performances.
Never heard them.

Someone post a Youtube of them or something.
I saw them at the toronto show pretty jammin'
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well i love their album Romantic Warrior it is all around a very solid album by them. another solid choice would have to be Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy the only down side to this album is Al Di Meola doesn't play guitar on it but Bill Connors does a very good job on it.

well heres one of my favorite songs by them titled Sorceress off of Romantic Warrior.

another favorite off of Romantic Warrior titled Duel of the Jester and The Tyrant this is only part 2 though