Right, I've been searching all over and can't really find anything that makes sense. I put my computer on, diagnostics and BIOS and all that are running fine. Windows comes up- BAM! this constant tone starts coming out of my speakers. I've already checked whether it was the internal speakers, and it isn't, so I doubt it's a mobo problem. So what could this constant tone that's slowly destroying my hearing and how can I fix it?

I'm running an Athlon something or other processor
MSI K9VGM-V mobo

Any help guys?
Make sure that your Mic socket is muted (go in to Master Volume control, Options, Properties and Adjust volume for Recording).

If that doesn't help:

Try reinstalling your soundcard drivers, maybe even update them.

Does it happen in safe mode (press F8 before the windows loading screen (the black one)) appears, just after the POST.
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Describe the tone, is it the sound it makes if a key is pressed down for too long?
Oh, and whats your OS?
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Restore your system to yesterday or the date that it was working properly.
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Describe the tone, is it the sound it makes if a key is pressed down for too long?
Oh, and whats your OS?

XP. And it's a bit different, the tone to the one you described.

And emad, I tried System Restore to last week and nada I'll try even earlier though.
Have you changed any hardware devices recently? Maybe moved them, added one perhaps?

Try disconnecting any non essential peripherals as well.

Do you have a disc in the CD/DVD drive? If so, try removing that.

Edit: Also, does it ever stop, for instance, when you move your mouse?
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maybe you left your mp3 player plugged into the cpu. when i do it makes the same noise.
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Try disconnecting your PC from the power source overnight. If this doesn't work, I'd hazard a guess that you've done some damage to your [on board] sound card.

Worst case scenario, you have to buy a new soundcard. Prices start from about £15 for something of equal performance to yours.