1) Is it the same thing?
2) Can you get it (Them) at Radioshack?
3) How do you make your connections? Ex.-If you need to connect one of the little copper plates to another one, do you use a piece of wire and make a "Trail" or do you break the "Trail" going in the other driiections?

Hope I made sense.
Most radio shacks will carry the predrilled boards. Some just have the rows of copper donuts you would use the long leads of resistors and caps to make connections. They have some that have 3 or more already connected in different sizes. They also will have a kit to etch your own copper boards. Well worth it as you can down load the PC board designs for many effects. Just takes some time to draw the traces with a marker. Depending on the effect you can usually make up to 5 boards with one blank that sells for 3 bucks or less.
1) No. Strip-board (actually called Veroboard) has strips of copper on every other row with a few holes drilled in only the strips. Perfboard has many holes drilled in it and has a copper pad for each one.

2) I've never seen Veroboard a radioshack, but they do sell perf for about $3 to $3.50 per board. They also sell copper-clad board for etching your own PCBs for a professional look and performance. Copper-clad board is simply a board coated with a solid sheet of copper and with no holes drilled in it. And they also have special boards for working with ICs.

3) For Veroboard, the strips connect components together, and if needed, you can cut the trace (strip) if you don't want to connect one component to another, but have no other place to put it. With perf, you use the legs of the component to be connected to connect to the other component(s). The pads are there to hold them in place (you solder the component to the pad then connect it into the circuit).

Make sense?

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