alright i just got a valve king half stack but i was kinda wondering, i have a 50 watt spider one combo amp and it has an allen screw at each corner of the preamp section, i was wondering if i could remove the preamp easily and rack mount it so i could use the preamp and the effects from the line six while running my guitar through the valve king. the only reason why i ask is because i know that you can do this with some of the mesa boogie combo amps. responses would be greatly appreciated!

Well, that would work if the speaker is attached by a 1/4in cable, where you can just unplug it.

Then, you would run your Valvekings FX send through the input of the Line6, and then the Line6's line out/FX send to the FX return on the Valveking

But, I think you could do much better than Line6 Spider effects if you're gonna take the time to rack mount it and stuff.
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