Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tab the gypsy meets the boy, by W.A.S.P? I have looked for this tab for ages, and I can't figure it put myself. I saw someone on youtube play it, but the noob just wont answer my message

So please, I beg you to help me
You made me go into E FLAT TUNING!!! . Anyway I used this youtube video:
This is what I got from it:

From 0 to 30 seconds he plays this over and over again:


Then he goes on to play this until 47 seconds:


The he switches between that riff^^ and these chords:

G, Em (minor) , F#

And that’s all I am willing to tab for now. Let me know what you think.
Sry to be a noob, but how do I tune my guitar to E flat? :P and are you sure about the tuning, because I thought WASP always used to tune their guitar half a step down

EDIT: Forgive, I just found out that e flat IS half a step down
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If you have a tuner press the 'b' button. If you don't it's obviously a bit more complicated.
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Yeah I know how to tune my guitar down and such, I jsut didnt know that e flat was the same as half step down