I was just wondering... if you can only adjust a strat's truss rod at the body end of the neck, does that mean you have to remove the strings and the neck every time you adjust the action?!?
the action should be adjusted by tightening the spring tension of the bridge. take the back plate off and tighten down the springs. you should be all set after that. i wouldn't mess with the truss rod.
You DON'T adjust the action with the truss-rod, you do it at the bridge.

*edit: A guitar tech said that one usual mistake a beginner or someone that doesn't know alot about guitars do when they want to adjust the action is to tighten or loosen the truss to much and therefore ruin the guitar and getting it unplayable.You should get it to a tech if you don't know exactly what your doing.
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Well, most Strats have the truss rod at the top end, near the headstock.

Quote by sashki
a) not all strats have the truss rod at the body end
b) ever tried adjusting the saddles? The truss rod should be the LAST thing you adjust

Yes and no. I get what you mean, fix your problems w/o screwing up your truss rod. However, if you know what you're doing and you're doing a full setup, the truss rod should be the first thing you measure and adjust. Otherwise, all of your other adjustments will be lost (i.e. action, intonation, etc.).

Just don't adjust it without measuring the relief first.

The springs control the tension and pull of the bridge. That is not the action. The action is generally agreed to be the height of the strings over the frets. On a strat this is adjusted by changing the height of the string saddles in the bridge and by the truss rod. "Tightening down' the springs is not a good idea and can totally mess up your guitar and the position of your bridge.

http://www.fender.com/support/stratocaster.php - -read that for good info on strat set ups.

Yes if your neck is that type you have to take it off


there's some info in that thread about ways to do it.
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Was that for me or for the whole spring tension thing? Because that raised my eyebrow as well. Spring tension isn't about setting action.