So I have the very bad squier sp-10 amp and the thing doesn't stop buzzing even in "clean" mode it always buzzes and very hard, sometimes it works but most of the times its just buzzing very hard. so can you guys know how to fix it.
Is the amp next to other electronic devices like a monitor or cell phone?
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get a better amp?
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Quote by zeppelinpage4
Is the amp next to other electronic devices like a monitor or cell phone?

Its like 2 feet away the tv let me go place some where else and see.
you can also check if the ground wire in your guitar is loose. That may cause buzzing too. You can check by touching the jack plate with your finger.
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still not working. when place away from electronics, trying jackplate, today I will check it with my friends amp.
Well, it's a low quality amp, so there's a chance that something is giving out inside, causing noise.
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Does the buzzing change tone when you switch between lead and clean? Have you tried changing the pickup selector on you guitar? You can also turn your volume down on the guitar too. If the buzzing doesn't disappear when you do this, its most likely to be your amp causing the buzzing.