my puppy has the awful habit of chewing on furniture. i know theres a pepper based spray that you can spray on anything you dont want them to chew on, and it tastes bad and they dont chew on it. anyone know what its called?
It's called pepper spray. You animal abuser. It doesn't just taste bad, it burns their mouth. Stay away from it
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they have stuff for furniture in there. google does wonders. i have a puppy aswell

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just get a water spray bottle, everytime it misbehaves spray it in the face, they really dont like it and they soon learn right from wrong without harming them.
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they also make some that is sour and doesn't burn. go for that stuff.
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The pit is not a good place to go for this. Trust me.
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It's called marmite. Try it, but be warned, he might love it...
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thanks guys, im gonna go with the plain old water in a squirt bottle. seems cheaper and less irritating. and jasonmetal, idk if you were kidding, but its not the same thing as pepper spray
Your dog is chewing stuff because its bored, play/interact with it and get it some toys... Training a dog aint that hard...
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