Poll: Are you nervous playing gigs?
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Yes im really nervous
10 13%
Yes but not much
35 45%
No not at all
11 14%
Ive never played a gig before
21 27%
Voters: 78.
But i still get nervous, i was wondering do you guys still get nervous wen you play infront of people?
no... only because i go crazy and jump around and make a fool out of myself...

but it pays off
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no... only because i go crazy and jump around and make a fool out of myself...

but it pays off

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but yea, i always get nervous playin in front of pp and i always mess up.

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I get a bit nervous but then I just utilize that adrenaline.
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If anyone loses the adrenaline rush from performing at a gig then I pity the foo'.
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I get very nervous right before going on, but it goes away after the first song!

Then its fun ahoy!
Playing an open mic today. Not really a gig so I don't feel nervous at all.
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Playing infront of a sold out Social Club in Leed's, York, ect is a harrowing thing to do.

About 300 people waiting to here perfect covers of the songs you do.
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Just look at it this way: these people came all the way/paid/etc. to see a show. They're expecting you to act like a rock star for 30 mins. You might as well take advantage of that time.

If it helps (depending on what music you play): try not to look at the crowd as a crowd. Find one of your friends, a group of your friends, your girlfriend/boyfriend... and just concentrate on them when you get nervous.

Then just sell yourself to the crowd as some freaking rock star. They don't know the difference. Chances are, if these people don't know you, they also don't know you are nervous.

EDIT: Forgot to mention... (This helps way more than you think too) Talk to a couple of people you don't know, guys or girls, and just see what they're looking forward to at that show (who they want to see), see if they like your music style, if they've seen you before, whatever... it helps break the ice so much when you can some what connect with some of the audience.

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I always get really nervous before I play infront of a lot of people..... but when I'm up there it's pure bliss. I love it. That's just me though....
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I usually get a little nervous before gigs, that nervous energy helps me put on a better show.
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on the vh1 rock honors ozzy did an interview about this and he said that he still gets nervous, and if you dont then you dont really care about music any more, and i do get nervous
I've only played a few and i used to get nervous, and i still do about 5 minutes before hand. But then I play the first couple notes and it all goes away. And I think about two things:
1) These are people I don't know, except friends, and if I make a fool out of myself i'm probably never going to see them again, so why not just go crazy.

2)The people that i'm playing to would kill to be on that stage doing what i'm doing. They envy everyone up there. I'm not an egotistical person and want to be the center of attention, i'm just saying that that kind of helps to clears up any nervousness.
i don´t get nervous anymore, i think i gotten used to it
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Ive been playing out for 15 years, and I STILL get a few butterflys in the stomache right before I go on...once Im there, thow, Im too busy going insane to notice...

Being a little nervous helps on making you play better and not so sloppy. I think everybody gets a little nervous, it's hard not to, but it's also not wrong. Just as long as you get so nervous so as to go up there and block yourself up, it's alright.

I remembered this time I played a Dream Theater cover (Constant Motion) and was nervous as all ****, which led me to forgetting the solo, but then I improv'd it completely. People later commented on how awesome it was and they loved the fact that it wasn't the same as the album's one.

So yeah, being nervous does actually do a good thing. It all goes away once you're up there and people clap for you though. They are listening to you and they don't have so good ears to distinguish a bum note from a little "jazz". The only thing you gotta know is to just keep the show going whenever you know you do something "wrong". If you stop and look at the people, they WILL know.
i get nervous sometimes too,but it usually goes away about halfway through the first song. it also helps if you play original songs, then nobody can really tell if u mess up. plus if you do more covers of good well known songs, people expect more. main point: get out there, have, fun, and play your s**t
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If you get up there and you aren't nervous, you aren't risking enough.

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i get a little bit nervous, but i im someone who can get past nervousness really easy, at least with my guitar. i just go out and show that im having fun, which is key. People see that you're not just standing there playing an instrument, but you enjoy what you are doing. Its better to mess up a few times but really rock out, rather than play it plawlessly and just stand still like an idiot
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