As the title says, looking for some pedals for my 2 duncan pickups. The pickups were never used, and will come in original packaging. Looking for compressor, distortion, and just about anything (besides delay and chorus as I already have them) let me know what you guys got!
i may give you cash for them, how much would you want? are they black?
Electro Metal???

cash I would accept 55 plus shipping per pickup, as they are 75 plus tax new in stores.

nate, I dont really see much that interests me but thank you anywayyyy
hey apple its the guy that bought your traynor, ive been emailing you but you havent answered. i love the amp BTW but i emailed you some questions
hey, you should email the questions again cause I never got them from what I remember. Let me know, free bump
nah, I just bought a new razr so Im set for a cell phone for a while, thanks anyway thoughhhhh

Will let both go for 110 shipped if anyone is interested, may go up on ebay in a few days
I'll trade you a V2 Jekyll & Hyde pedal for those. What color are they?
Hello, I put the JB in my SG, but I still have the 59 available for sale. I also have the gibson 490T humbucker that came out of the SG if anyone wants it, let me know!