I'm thinking about getting one. I like the fact that it has the variable wattage thing, which will really come in handy. But I don't wanna blow $1000+ on something that's not worth the money.

So, does anybody have any experience with this amp? Namely, is it loud enough for a four piece band (two guitars, bass, drums) or would the 25W be pushing it? and is it good quality overall?

I've heard mostly good things about it, other than the fact that it doesn't do super, crazy high gain, which is fine cuz neither do I.

And yes I've tried it out but only to a limited extent on the 5W channel, which I did like. It had decent cleans (to me, but I'm not a clean tone expert) and decent overdrive. To me the two med gain channels sounded very similar, but I think that's probably intentional due to the footswitching mechanism. The eq knobs also seemed to have a very wide range, which will give a bunch of sounds, but might make it hard to dial in the perfect setting. Still, I'd rather have the large choice and spend that extra 5 seconds to turn the knob to exactly where I need it.

OH! and is it worth the extra $$$ for the 12" speaker over the 10", cuz I'm most likely to get the combo.
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I thought this was "my" amp about this time last year.

After trying the amp out I fond out it really want for me. The cleans were terrible, not clear and chimmey like I like. Too much bass, it was not muddy though. This might just be how Mesa voices all its amps though.

I only played it for 20min or so....It has tons of features (which can be a good thing I guess) so I am sure with tweaking you could get "your" sound.

Try before you buy....
Would make more sense to get a second hand mesa combo tbh, similar amps to the express are F series, DC series. but they are higher gain, but they both have better cleans i hear.