I just got offered these fender pickups for about 30$ -

"Official Set of 2008 USA Fender Jazz Bass Vintage Alnico Pickups (2)- All original w/ screws (Bridge & Mid Positions) Genuine Fender"


Would these fit on my squier fretless, and is the deal worth it/ will they improve sound?
Yes they would fit a Squier Jazz fretless, and it WILL make a good bit of difference to your sound, and for $30 you can't go wrong. I suggest getting them.

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Thanks, and is there anything else other than the items pictured I'd have to buy for installation?
You really shouldn't be mulling over a $30 upgrade. I can't imagine the resale value being much lower than that, assuming they don't fit or you hate the tone, which I doubt will happen.

And there's a reason that the US pickups are on US basses and Asian pickups are on Asian basses.
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