There is my sub-par version of farewell ballad

I have been playing guitar for almost a year now and I figured I would try to record something...

Anyway, it is alright up until the fast part, and then I get screwed over lol

I was wondering what the technique is for doing that part so I don't get string ring, crack, then just screw myself over completely.

Thank you for listening and rock on UG,

well you could improve on it, but not bad for a first year guitarist, btw where did you get the backing track

great place to get backing tracks and practice your favorite songs
not bad at all, i like the little riff you add to the end
crit mine pleeeease its on my profile, my first ever recording, only been playing electric guitar for like 7 months (acoustic for year and half before that)

me^ ^SLASH

Pretty good stuff for only a year of playing man. Just slow it Down and really nail it at like a Quarter or Half Speed, rather than messing it up at full speed. Also, work on your sliding a bit. Vibrato was very Nice, and your bending was for the most part in tune. Good job

For the fast part you just gonna need to do what feels best for you, but i personally prefer Alt Picking the shreddy bits. Mute the B string with your palm/Part of your fretting index if thats what you ment by making it stop "cracking"

Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=895140
You SERIOUSLY need to rework that tone. The tone was god awful man.

The playing, not bad for a year. But you really shouldn't attempt recording things that are out of the realm you can play(in terms of speed). Instead of slowing it down and learning it at a slower pace, you rushed and played it sloppily at the fast parts.

Slow it down and learn it cleanly, and fix that tone. You're off to a good start though.