Alright so i want to buy my first electric (played acoustic for abt 6 months) and im torn between getting a Les Paul (epiphone) or a Stratocaster (MIM)
i want to get a wide range of tones. like from RHCP, Jimi hendrix to randy rhoads and Linkin park. I also want to shred and stuff.
but i guess i mostly want to play rhcp lol.

any tips or if you want, recommend me a guitar. budget is around 400-500$. getting a roland cube probly (just for the house)

EDIT: i LOVE the look of both of them. AND that is why im torn =[ they're both so sexy...
go for the MIM strat .i have one and its pretty nice
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there is a saying that, for the most part, we ignore. "Pay attention to whats on the inside, not the outside". it is mostly associated with girls, and thats why it becomes questionable. But for guitars, it holds very, very true.

(aka, for guitars it is very important to see how it plays too. a good looking piece of crap is still a piece of crap)

(disclaimer: the part about girls making the saying questionable, its an attempt at humor. i dont mean it)
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check out one of the mex strat with the hss combination. i think that'll give the widest range of tones...
thanks for the fast replies =D i can always rely on the people of UG

yeah i guess ill just go to GC or something and play both.
I have a strat, and it can get pretty close to all of those, so based on that, I'd go for a strat. But go and play them both and get whichever feels the best.
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