Hey guys,
theres this part at 1:14 in the song right after the verse buildup where its just the guitarist and he's playng this really cool riff with muted strings.

thats the actual part, and i got the playing of it down,
but he has this really cool amp tone and i was wondering if any had any ideas for me to get a better tone with this on my ME-50

heres a youtube link in case you dont have the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFSYf-sgBIw

go to about 1:20 in the video and hopefully you can offer some input

thanks for taking the time to help guys
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hm, its the guy playing the gibson, right?

at the beginning he turns up the bottom right pot, thus the neck volume. so (at least in the beginning he is using a neck hum)

thats all i can tell, sorry. hopefully someone better than me can help.
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A Visaul Sound Jekyll & Hyde Pedal is a great starting point for The Strokes sound. I'm not sure if there is some very light fuzz there but I get the feeling the amp they recorded on in the studio for this song was turned down quite low.
pickup position 4 I think (bridge and middle pickup), bit more mids, and somewhat neutral treble and bass and a little roll back on the tone.

If you've got amp modelling on that ME-50 you should try something that sounds like an ac30
A fairly clean amp tone is best, ideally a cranked AC30 or Fender Twin, boosted with a Big Muff, treble booster (or a Tubescreamer-esque pedal with the 'level' and 'treble' quite high). The ME-50 does a reasonable good approximation of all these, though if you want to use that tone frequently I'd ditch the Boss and buy indivdual pedals .

With a dual humbucker guitar or tele try the mid position, perhaps with the neck turned down a little, and on a strat position 3 or 4 will probably yield the best compromise - roll off the tone pot a bit too.
If you get to play an actuall AC30, I think top boost channel 75% volume blended with a half volume clean channel would help miles into nailing it.
wow thanks a lot guys

you guys all know your stuff

very much appreciated (:
My Gear:
Fender American 60's Strat
Peavey Valveking Stack
Boss ME-50
Homebrew Crystal Bawl Wah
Ive found that using a thin pick brings me closer to that sound... also turning my mids way down makes it seem far awayish