It has a Gibson Custom shop seal thing on the back of the headstock so... If its fake I think that's illegal.

I'd vote that its legit.
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looks real to me

If it looks real does that make it real?
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If it looks real does that make it real?

no it doesnt make it real, im no expert but to me it looks just like a gibson (my uncle has a gibson)
Its not like its hard to make an exact copy of a gibson, you get the exact measurements and its the same.
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how worth 18.500 kr in USD

3,909.17 USD

according to xe.com
you could always Email Gibson to see if it's real.

send them the pics and the serial number.

it could take a while for them to get back to you though.
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To me it looks legit. Here in Sweden, selling on a fake guitar is hard. It's located in Sweden and the text to the ad sounded legit:
Selling my Gibson Les Paul, made 2006. Got the 59 rounded neck and the 498T and 490R pickups. Bought it new in the summer of 2007, it's mostly been in the case since. The case of course comes wth the guitar. It's in Gothenburg, but can be sent in Sweden.

To TS, just ask if he bought if he has the reciept...
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