Well, basically all this is just a whole session of just getting loads of random riffs together and just trying to get them to fit. It was basically just for a bit of fun, and its also very rushed, so its not perfect (especially the solos). Anywayz, see what ya think

Its also the first song I've done in Standard E tuning for a while now =)
The Final Sequence.zip
This kinda reminds me of a song from a game... dont know which one though.
Bars 1-8 sound exotic to me, think its the sitar.
One of my favourite parts was bar 9/78 when the guitars kick in with the power chords, catchy.
One thing I noticed when Solo A starts, the solo guitar seems too quiet compared to the other guitars. Maybe change the volume a bit ?
Didn't really feel the first half of Solo B.
Although the third solo [ you didnt name it solo C so im just gonna assume its a solo lol], was my favourite.

Overall I give it 7.5/10.
I think you did good use with the power chords particularly. And Solo's A+C And the use of the sitar, seemed alot more original and creative than lots of other songs on here.

volume of solo guitar was too quiet for me
solo B, i didnt feel it
: / the volume is a bitch for me, did u use 4 or 5? 5 I had to mess with some stuff in the file, so that it was balanced, so that it didn't crackle through my speakers :P. the GP4 probably levelled the volume out, which is why is sounded so quiet O_o

And meh, I don't particularly like any of my solos tbh ^_^