My friend wants to get a guitar and amp. With maybe $200ish to spend on a guitar and amp put together (I don't know the actual budget), what should she buy?

Is this a decent guitar for a beginner? Squier Bullet

And are any of these decent amps? Peavey Audition, Kustom Dart, Peavey Solo

And as for a type of music, I guess, Alternative.
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Check out those for a better value guitar (still not exaclty great, but they're better than a bullet). I recommend the STL models, they're the Telecaster ones. I've never played 'em, but I love Teles to death. It's all preference, though.

As far as a beginner amp:
Get that one. That's the best one for the money.

Don't forget a cable, strap, picks, and a tuner!
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I don't know about the Amps, but I bought a Squier Bullet a year or so ago and I still play it often. it's a very good guitar for that price and great for starting out. remember though, that other things such as straps, leads, and other accessories need to be taken into account with budget.
The Amp I use is the Fender G-Dec, and although it's quite expensive in comparison to those in your post, it's a great amp for just chilling on your own and jamming or whatever, and it has a built in digital tuner. So tell your friend to have a look at those if she's really serious about it.

I'd suggest the Bullet guitar, maybe that $56 ish amp as a starter, if she gets more interested and serious, look at the G-Dec amp
I owned a Squire Strat. It was a good starter IMO. $200 isn't a big budget, but he shouldn't spend a whole lot, because if he isn't serious, he'll only end up getting rid of it later. Just tell him to stay away from those starter kits you can find at Walmart and Costco.
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