Would love any recommendations y'all can give for a "romantic" type piece, I will be playing at a good friend's wedding in a few months. It's a Spanish wedding so that style will be great too
Funeral march for lolz

Knocking on Heaven's door

and serious suggestions...I have none,sorry
Thanks guys! Holy moly those dudes in the links are off the hook. I think this will be the piece to play, perfect for the wedding. I better get working on it, lol!
search youtube for john clarke music.

he is good and has written a few tunes himself which he sells the tab for quite cheap.

some lovely pieces which would fit in a wedding scenario and they are all spanish flavoured.
Thank you please.
Whoa John Clarke is off the hook, I just love Fuerte, that is a magical piece. I'm gonna work on a few of these and see which one I feel is my best, great recommendations dude, much appreciated!!