He also does back vox. Like if he's singing off key, I say something like "hey, man, you're singing a bit off key," he'll just get pissed off.

He basically ignores all suggestions, and any criticism he takes as an insult.

What should I do?
lol thats what mine does!...Its harder to tell him aswell as he's lithuanian. and yeah i would fire him, but he is an awesome drummer

as for yours

Fire him like the open flame he displays upon critique
put a hanger on the stove and leave it for like 40 minutes. then stick it in his arse real slow...

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Everyone knows that the day the Metallica ends, the world ends.
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Every drummer is like that.

i used to be a drummer and i was never like that...
Quote by Duff_McGee
Everyone knows that the day the Metallica ends, the world ends.
if he continues to be an arrogant prick like that, kick him out
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Yep let the guy go, as he has no want or ambition to get better and if you can't take criticism then your in for a hard a** ride in the music industry because you'll get it constantly.
every drummer I know does that except me

maybe cause I'm half guitarist or something

but I would punch him in the vagina
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2 words
"drum" and "machine"

Hahaha..I like that. Give it up for the TR-808!
then he is simple a drummer. not a band member.
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.
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2 words
"drum" and "machine"

+1 million.

No seriously, have everyone in the band, friends, family members and fans tell him the same thing so he won't just think it's you. That's if everyone agrees with you.

Or record the whole thing and play it back so he can hear it, then there's not denying how aweful he is.

Or take him off of backing vocals and give someone else a chance.
Tell the ass that he's bahaving like an ass and ask what his problem is that he isn't able to listen to his bandmates. What does the rest of the band think/say/do? If everyone understands thats its not just you being overly critical and that it is the drummer thats being unrresponsive to what your saying. The next time someone is telling him that he's messing up and he's like whatever, I wouldn't drop the issue. I would get on him even harder and get him to understand what your saying and for him to change what he's doing or he can just get the hell out. tell him to shut the hell up and get it right.
So if he's a good drummer what's the problem? Is it just that his singing is bad, because I know from experience it is very hard to drum and sing at the same time. Maybe just have someone else do backing vocals.
Well this is for both threadstarted and scguitarking927

record them and show them plainly how much worse they are than they think they are
When a drummer sings backing vocals, quite often they can't hear what they are singing along to properly because of the noise that the drums make. This will cause out of tune singing.
Try putting a monitor wedge right next to him and see if it improves his singing.
Also, record what you are playing then play it back to him. He can't ignore it then. Even better would be if you can record through a desk that seperates all the vocals and let him listen to just himself singing.