27/30 Europe
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can't stand public showers
and yes i do have a small penis

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people in public showers make fun of my big dick

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i would if pee pee was bigger

That was easy ...

30/30 for Europe.

Edit: And full marks for Africa except got Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti Plains the wrong way round, and lost two marks in Southern Africa because there wasn't space to fit the names in Madagascar and Mozambique, so it told me I was wrong.
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That was easy ...

30/30 for Europe.

I thought it was timed.

Edit: 29/30 2nd time.
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God damn this makes me feel stupid. I'm going through S. America nad the only ones I know are Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Chile and Colombia. 7 out of 26, now that's pathetic
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8240 on the super quiz

I only got 7304.

I was scared to put all my points on the betting questions, thinking they'd be harder!