This was just too funny of a story not to post.

So for our English Class, we were reading Kite Runner. And since it was the end of the year, the teacher gave us the project to design, build, then fly a kite. Our first kite was (sort of) decent, but it cracked in half on our test flight. So we built another one the night before it was due. One of the people in my group made it by himself, out of a t-shirt, spare wood, and super glue and string. And he wrote "LOL KITE" on it in giant green marker.

So our teacher was going to different groups asking for the meaning behind each kite, what they represent, etcetera. And when she got to ours, the other kid in my group said this

"Our Kite is called the LOL kite. Because LOL stands for love, outrageous love. You see, when immigrants came to our country, they experienced culture shock, as they were thrown into a completely different culture, and they were treated terribly. So we titled our kite love outrageous love, directed towards the immigrants, because we want to apologize on behalf of america, we show you love outrageous love, or LOL for short."

Everyone in the whole class, including the teacher cracked up
Kudos, much kudos
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