i have a rp 350 for sale and its only been used 4 times and if anyone wants to buy or wants more info just PM. me.
It'd help if you'd attach some pictures and a description of the condition it's in.

You won't get a possible sale from me otherwise.
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its still pretty much brand new, their isnt 1 thing wrong with it. i only used it about 4 times, i paid $350 for it so ill sell it for $285.
PM me if you want it
Ummm... They sell for $189-$199 new all day long... There aint no way you paid $350 for that thing... If you did I at least hope you got a reach-a-round with it.
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if you buy it on a web site like musicians friend its about 200 bucks but if you buy it from guitar center like me its about $300