I want to know what UG thinks of the Kubicki ex-factor bass.
The no headstock look is the main difference from typical bass construstion.
What do you think?

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I think the fact that the design and scale length never caught on, and the fact that Hamm switched to a full-scale Fender speaks volumes. It's a very early-90's bass and is very dated. Stu Hamm said it best - its the most beautiful sounding bass ever when solo'd, but with a band, it just gets totally lost.
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My friends played well, but thefitz had a very good point. Vic wooten also switched from kubicki to fodera...

probably and example to follow.

Ernie Ball/Musicman Stingray HH
Schecter Model T
GK 1001RB
2 GK 4X10 GLX
BP-50 Bass Effect Pedal
I like them, they just lack that much needed punch.

never actually played one (heard some before), but I kinda like the 32" scales I have played (granted, the one I played was custom made)
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They were good basses, back then, but very pricey. It wouldn't do anything you couldn't do with a J, some EMG's, and a Hipshot. At twice the price. A mate of mine had designs on buying one, but he too got a 34" Fender instead...

Granted, they were made by Fender's Custom Shop for Phil Kubicki, so they were well made, and probably have lasted well. Look at it that way, and it could be a bargain.
I love my Ex Factor!!! Mine was also made by the Fender Custom Shops, but I picked mine up used for under 1k (maybe it was Stu's or Victor's?). Yes, it's not the most attractive bass, but I've never had a problem with tone or punch. Right after I got mine I was in a SRV-ripoff, uh, I mean tribute band, and I was always getting compliments on bottom end and punch it delivered, which I think is seriously important in a power trio. The tone and punch also might be due to the fact I was using a Trace Elliot rig as well, but I could always count on delivering one hell of a low end.

I know the big attraction for me to this bass is the balance and weight of the instrument. It's not headstock heavy and the strap doesn't wear a groove into my shoulder after a night of playing. It's a very comfortable bass to play.

Having said all this, I still won't give up my J or P-lite, I'm still a Fender boy all the way!
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Some Trace Elliot head and 4x10 bottom I've had for ages...
Yeah, it's been a while....
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