Hey, new here so if I miss a beat I apologize XD

I recently bought an epiphone les paul standard B-Stock (it had a chip the size of my thumbnail above the serial number heh) from musician's friend. When i first bought this guitar i had already picked out the pups i was going to put into the thing when i could afford them.


(lol slash wannabe XD)

and http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-57-Classic-Plus-Pickup?sku=306012

I'm buying a new amp before these but Id really like to know the average life span of an epiphone and whether or not the wood in the guitar is of at least mid range quality before i put those in there.

Also if you have any bad experience with those pick-ups above id like to know about it XD.

Style of music I play is southern rock, some country, hard rock, rock, some prog, and some metal (metallica).

Sorry if that's a lot of questions for one thread XD. Thanks in advance.
never had an epiphone before but it should last you awhile.
but you know pickups dont have to stay in that one guitar forever, you can take them out and put them on a different one at anytime.
and also, make sure you get a good amp, if your putting away any money from your amp and putting them into the pickups, dont. theres no point in putting good pickups on your guitar if its running through a crappy amp.
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1) Too many XD's

2) I haven't had an Epi, but I've played one, they seem pretty solid, it should last you

3) Pickups can be swapped into/out of guitars at any time, all you need it a soldering iron, so go for it.

and just wondering, are you putting the Alnico II in the neck and the Classic Plus in the bridge, or other way around?
That's what everyone says around here (i agree frankly)

Amp i want is http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-Valvetronix-AD30VT-30W-Guitar-Combo?sku=481959

Any other reccomendations? I like modeling amps, less pedals to deal with XD.

Edit: XD=period, bad habit
Also seymour is going in the neck and the 57 classic is going in the bridge slot
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i've had my epi LP standard for a year and it hasn't let me down

one thing though, the input jack will come loose from time to time, but you just have to screw it back in before it pops off completely
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well how are you willing to go for the amp?
and what kind of sound are you going for?
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200-500 dollars if at all possible

Classic sound, like Jessica by the Allman Brothers

Gotta run for now XD