this is probably a dumb question, but i need to know nonetheless, what does it mean when a pickup is f-spaced or regular spaced?
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ive always wondered that... but they look the same dont they? because i have a guitar with a floyd and i dont think they look any different from memory.... but then again i never really paid any attention to it either so i might be wrong.
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Floyd and Fender use the same spacing.

it's so the pole pieces align to the strings.

regular spacing with a Floyd or a Fender will leave your bass strings slightly off.
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I Think it ment Fender Spaced, not Floyd. But ya its used for Tremolo Equiped guitars. Pole Pieces are spaced differently.

I think its floyd spaced? Floyd Roses tend to have slightly string spacing, so to get optimum sound the pole pieces need to be further apart.
i reckon it does mean fender spacing but given the floyd rose is essentially an evolution on the fender trem its the same spacing anyway lol
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2 1/16'' spacing from 1st to 6th pole piece. used commonly for floyd rose or trem guitars. also, used for fixed bridge guitars with 43mm nuts.

EDIT: Duncan uses the term trembucker to refer to their F-spaced pickups. i think F-spaced means Fender spaced.
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