How good is this OD/Distortion pedal?
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Don't get it. If you want overdrive and distortion, get an Ibanez Tubescreamer (or, if money is no object the Fulltone OCD or Fulldrive) and some other distortion pedal. The MXR Distortion+ is good, as is the Boss DS-1/DS-2.
If you an od/distortion pedal, go for the god of distortion pedals - fuzz factory.
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If you an od/distortion pedal, go for the god of distortion pedals - fuzz factory.
I wouldn't say that a fuzz pedal was the master of all distortion pedals.

TS, its a good pedal. As with most gear pruchases, there are better alternatives but I seem to remember that the J&H is pretty good value for money.
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I must disagree with nevermind94. I've heard a guy many times and he plays a telecaster with a jekyll and hyde through a fender super reverb and it sounds incredible. then again a super reverb is a damn nice amp, so that probably has something to do with it. what amp are you using?
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Yeah, I really disagree with nevermind94. The jekyll and hyde is a ts808 copy, the mxr distortion + is basically an overdrive, and the boss ds-1 and ds-2 usually suck unmodified. I like the jekyll and hyde and recommend it depending on what amp you have.