hey i know you guys get these posts alot but i thought hey might as well give it a try.
i have been playing guitar for about 6-7 months and now im sort of in a slump,and feeling a bit discouraged. i can play nothing else matters, blackbird, stairway to heaven (working on the solo), reptillia, heart shaped box, master of the puppets (intro) kashmir, open chords, barre chords, major scale, minor pentatonic scale, natural harmonics (sort of) i think thats about it. I just really want to improve and any advice to improve in anything i would greatly appreciate it. i also can't really improvise with soloing very well. i'm really into like rock, classic rock, alternative some metal.

Anything is appreciated like what you first started to learn or anything i would be very grateful so thank you in advance!!
Don't worry man, I've been playing for years (less than 2 years properly though) and I know hardly any theory and can't improvise for ****.
Just listen to music you wouldn't normally listen to and it'll open your mind and give you new things to learn
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Find inspiration... form a band of some sort. A band helped me improve a crapton.
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thanks guys i cant really go ahead and form a band i got friends who play instruments but they don't really play very often but uh maybe i'll try out some clapton or something i dont know. if you guys got any other ideas i would greatly appreciate it.
I find jamming with other people helps as well. I just got off from a jam session with my brother (drums) and his friend (bass). It really helps with improv, getting to play together, and writing. It also helps you find new music.

Alternatively, you can download some jam tracks from the net. A good site for backing tracks is www.guitarbt.com (I hope this isn't considered advertising). Help this helps!
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ya it sounds like alot of fun to jam with friends but i dont know anybody who really play alot. and i'll have to take a look at the site when i get the chance but thanks for your idea.