hello everyone

my sound card at the moment is basically m-audio 2496, and i directly connect my roland microcube to the soundcard.(from the rec output).

The problem is, the quality is not good, and 2496 is supposed to work with mixers or mic preamps, but i dont have any of these stuff.

so my question is :
1) should i keep this setup, and just buy 1 cheap mic and mixer ?(and which one ? )

2) go for another soundcard which has directly guitar inputs on it. (maudio fasttrack pro ? )

3) line 6 toneport ? (i have doubts about this,i dont need too much dist. for my recordings but it seems rather useful device)

4) mbox 2 mini (jump to protools ? it seems like it has direct guitar input as well)

5) any other gear that you can recommend (in details please)

Thank you very much !!
i use a alesis 8channel mixer to record which plugs into my usb port, it does the trick i think, the programme i have is cubase LE which you get with th mixer and i use an AKG C3000 B mic, all in all i like what i get considering im just doing it in my bedroom for now.

Nathy x
If you mic your microcube then run the mic through an interface that would sound a lot better.
Don't cheap out on a mic though.
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