Before i explain, i have to say two things:

First off, I LOVE offspring, i think that hammerhead is a kickass song, and, furthermore, i think it's awesome that they're bouncing back. However, this has bugged me for a while now.

Second, feel free to flame me for this topic. Its very flammable.

Anyways, my point.

To all of my Nirvana fans:

Listen to Hammerhead by Offspring. Half way through, theres a break with bass and drums.

Now, recall a song you are probably very familiar with. Stay Away by Nirvana.

The point?

It is, EXACTLY, note for note, beat for beat, the same bassline as Stay Away, which is a very nicely written bassline, and received a heavy amount of radio airtime back in the day.

Now, i'm not implying that offspring stole the bassline at all, because i'm pretty confident that they would never do something like that purely out of respect, at the very least.

But i am saying that Offspring was very often compared to Nirvana by magazines and critics.

So what does all of this say? Well, Offspring is a kickass band that probably never even gave Nirvana a listen. More power to em for being unique, i guess!

Questions? Comments? Arguements?

I guarantee i will get at least one 'You're stupid! Offspring sucks!' kind of comment. Go ahead, don't be shy.

Seriously though, compare the two songs, and learn how to play them. You'll see. I'm not exaggerating here.
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