So, I just downloaded a bunch of radio shows but they are in WMA format and they won't import into itunes, instead they just play in Quicktime (I'm on a Mac btw). Does anyone know of any good converters so I can import them into itunes? Thanks.

You can do a bunch at a time but it takes about an hour to get the email.
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On my iTunes, if I click "Import" and ask it to import WMAs, they'll convert them. I think they convert them to AAC (it might be MP3 alreasy) and then convert them...Eh, I think you get it.
I was about to ask the same question...



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*Shudders* Converting from one [poor] file format to another. The best way to ruin any remaining fidelity!

Dude, it's only a radio talk show, I don't really need it to be in amazing quality or anything.