Considering they only have 1 feedback I wouldn't do it.
Ask for the serial number so you can check it with Ibanez.
Only a complete nutter would sell the higher-end JEM at that price.
Yeah, it's the feedback that really puts you off at times, and also the fact that there are a hell of a lot of fakes going around... I've seen two different versions of the bridge, but I'm not really sure which one's real or not.
The 2002 necks weren't 5 piece as he says...

And the pic shows the neck a 2002 would've had


My take, guy who knows nothing about JEMs trying to sell one with some photos he found online.
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Absent Mind is, as usual, completely correct.

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if he says 5 pc and the picture is clearly not 5pc

i have a 'white guitar'
OK man listen the only you will know if a jem is real is if it cost more than $1000.
Even if the one in the pictures is real, I wouldn't do it. Most likely a rip off.

And I swear I've seen those pictures before... somewhere...
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And I swear I've seen those pictures before... somewhere...

Probably on all the other fake JEM threads. But this is most likely (in fact, very likely) a knockoff copy of a JEM.
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never post links to ebay unless u want peple to steal ur buy
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