Sorry about the inconvenience myspace was having problems. I checked it and it's working fine. Remember to leave a link so I can check out your music.
Smile alot today... okay?
You are Never Alone
-Great quality
-vocals are a little raspy, but it goes with the song (nice harmonies)
-maybe put some more enthusiasm into the vocals in the studio, like a smidge more
-The vocals are much more upfront than the instruments, and that's a bit awkward during the chorus
-Solo is pretty good, maybe add some delay/reverb
-Overall: 8.5/10

Drowning out
-Good start
-Definitely need to work on the mix a little, most notably the vocals are really loud
-maybe add some reverb to the vocals during the chorus, and some backup parts during the 2nd verse
-it's got a nice sound besides the previously stated
-vocals are much better in this than the previous, but I cannot really compare the songs because they differ in style
-background guitar solo matched well with the ambience
-Overall: 7.8/10

Good songs, but even the mix out a little better and I'm sure that they will be insanely awesome. The music is great.

*I remember listening to "kaleidescope" a long time ago

I listened to "You never are alone"... It's not exactly my usual style of music, but I like it.
You need to play around with your distance from the microphone on the vocals. I really liked the guitar solo, though.

On "Drowning Out"... the guitar sounds great. The vocals were recorded better here. Still not the style of music I usually listen to, but it sounds good.
You are never alone is really good, I like it. The vocals sound full of reverberation though. I don't know if you like that but the rest is cool. Drowning Out seems like a perfect song for the last song of an album, as well as for the soundtrack of a dramatic comedy movie... I don't know why. I totally liked it; it was my favorite.
Not really my cup of tea, really.

You Are Never Alone: the harmonies are a little off. It kind of reminds me of Project Rocket. Maybe bring the guitar forward a bit. Or EQ it differently, it sounds scooped. I do like the bass line, though.
Thanks for the comments guys. All this was done with one mic and a laptop so we are definitely thinking about heading into the studio once we have all our songs down pat. All the criticism has been taken into account and thanks again for listening.
Smile alot today... okay?