So, I have been playing guitar for a while, but one of the things that I really found irritating was that some songs sounded really empty without the drums and the bass. Since I am not in a band and just play for fun and sometimes at my school, what would be some intermediate level songs that people might know that I can play.

And, on an aside...What are some pretty basic blues songs for the acoustic?
Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

Any Neil Young Song, but try: My, My, Hey, Hey; The Needle and the Damage Done(That's quite bluesy) ; Ohio

Burn One Down by Ben Harper

Any Dave Matthews band song sounds good with acoustic but try: Gravedigger; Save Me; Two Step... In fact, just try any song on the "Live at Radio City..." album.

A Day In the Life or Across the Universe by The Beatles (Altough, the musical crescendo in A Day in the Life may prove to be difficult...)

Hope that helps