ok so my ex girlfriend is pissed becuase she broke up with me (which i dont get) then i made the mistake of telling her i wanted to break up for the last month but did because i didnt want to hurt her. now shes all like good job you hurt me even worse.
i know i messed up bad so dont give me anything about that. i just need to know what to do now
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wow u guys arent being very helpfull and wats with the wrong thread reporting?! jeez guys so wat if he put it in the wrong thread its no ig deal this is the ****in pit. anyway soccer watever.... i would wait maybe a day or two to try and fix things not too long tho. then just tell her the truth. u messed up and your really sorry and you want to be her friend and help her not hurt her. if u still want to be friends. also if it suits u say something like "im really sorry i messed up im a guy, i was being dumb,etc." they usually like it if u give them superiority....sorry man thats all i got
just get a reality tv show and then u can make millions being a **** up

MTV Sucks

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Oh man I'm well and truely on the point of no return then