You read it right 2 large bags stuffed with ALL of the essential and beyond 80s metal on cassette tape friends. We're talkin VH, AC/DC, Metallica, Priest, Maiden, Scorps, Crue, Tesla, Krokus, Dokken, AIC, Lepperd, KISS, Clapton, Beck, Yngwie, Twisted Sister, Night Ranger, Fastway, Dio, Sabbath, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, Quiet Riot, Guns N Roses, SRV, Gary Moore, Zeppelin, Jimi, Ozzy, RHCP, Pearl Jam, Mr Big, Keel, plus alot of bands youve never heard of unless you grew up then, 95% have correct cases and inserts.

I would estimate 60-80 tapes per bag.

$20 a bag + shipping which should be cheap. in conus only
good luck finding someone with a casette player. i'm from pa too!

sucks, no?
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I'm interested. Is this on ebay or do I have to buy them directly from you?

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y are you selling?
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I'm interested. Is this on ebay or do I have to buy them directly from you?

Directly, no ebay yet Im just cleaning house and everything I want off of these tapes are on cd or ipod now. I would guess some are genuine antiques now. I dont even know what thier true value is Id rather see someone listen to them for a small fee than the garbage man get them.
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Ill give you $45 shipped for all.

To SOuthwest Florida if your curious (34109)
sold if you want them^^ Ill pm you with my paypal or addy or however.