dude it takes an ISP Decimator and a POD Nois eGate running at the same to to eliminate my noise. my isp comes before the guitar though (it works better liek that for ME...not most people). th eonly thing is when i play i can only hear the buzz liek 0.0002 miliseconds after i hit the note and mute it. but when im not playing its dead silent. BUT ON THE CLEAN CHANNEL (not really clean, its a model of class A tube amp) i get this weird SHHHHHH sound in the backgroudn everytime i hit a note, this is only on that chanel. if im not using the tube model and just a pure clean channel this wont happen? why?
oh and how come my POD's noise gate will sometime stak eout all of the noise and others it wont, its liek it works some dayd but not the others
take the pod xt out of your chain. it seemed to always generate its own noise for me, which lead to me getting rid of it.
the isp will make noise in the signal when it is in the chain but off. it also is a battery hog, and doesn't work so well with less-than-fresh batteries.
Do you have a dedicated power supply? maybe you're creating a ground loop that's making a noise. hopefully some of this helped.
How are you using the pod? Are you just using it with headphones or are you using it in front of the spider?

If you're using it in front of the spider, put the ISP between the pod and spider.
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nah i did that and i can't eliminate all of my noise but when its between my guitar and my pod it takes all the noise out.
wexcept for some strange reason the noise stays for a second after i play, its liek when i start playing the isp shuts off or soemthing then as soon as i stop its back on thats what it soudn sliek im saying
Yeah, that's how a noise gate works. It turns off when you play and back on when you're not. Problem is, you've got so much noise it can't tell the difference when the note is decaying.
d@$^ well i have to keep this pod until i get a nice tube amp with channel switches. what should i do. i dont know if its worth using it if i have to hear that. or i could just turn it one when im not playing at a gig and its a standstill or i have to stop playing in a part and then turn it back on to play, its not really that bad though just sounds awkward. sometimewhen i have a 1 beat rest and i hear throw out some noise.
FIXED! i found out that whenever im on a battery source is when it sounds liek garbage, i plugged the adapter in and it was 100% clean without any messed up decay
You had a low battery in the iSP...I think someone mentioned that earlier- they don't track as well with a dying battery. It's also possible that the power source is a slightly higher voltage.