dont know where to put this so... yeah.

im going warped this year. there are a few bands im excited to see
(all that remains, rise against, devil wears prada, AVA, evergreen terrace, everytime i die, from first to last, katy perry (yeah shes hot) and story of the year)

but besides them not a lot im looking foward to much.

any other good bands playing or reccomendations to see on aug 15???

http://warpedtour.com/warpedtour/bands.asp (band list)
cobra starship
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Older years used to be punk,
Then pop punk,
Now Metal/Hardcore.

There's still the renaming punk/ska acts hidden in the mix though.
Its still really pop punk driven.

Protest the Hero will be worth seeing
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cobra starship

+1209432. they're so good live hahahah.

and im looking forward to protest the hero, dillinger, and ABR too.
The only bands i want to see

Every Time i die
norma jean
as i lay dying
evergreen terrace
story of the year
oh and
see Family Force 5, Bring Me The Horizon, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, Pierce The Veil, Protest the Hero... etc. just look up there myspaces and find bands you like.
Call me a n00b but where will warped be at this year?
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Call me a n00b but where will warped be at this year?

someone invited me to go.

I dunno, maybe I've outgrown it, I'm not really interested in any of those bands. but since you're asking for which ones to see on the 15th, here are my picks:

Gym Class Heroes (saw these guys a few years ago. they weren't bad)
Story of the Year (they put on a really good show when I saw them back in like 03)
Say Anything
The Academy Is (saw these guys, too. awesome awesome show)
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light