that was absolutely amazing
reminded me a lot of my own work with how you delvelop the sound over time, not all at once, i love the way that sounds
and the solo was absolutely awazing, and the way it went out slowly was greatly amazing

overall i loved it, nothing you could change to make it better
c4c? my death/hardcore thing on the main page
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To envoykrawkwar7 - thanks for the crit, I'm actually going to lengthen it a bit.

To Phat_Stud_55 - thanks for the short crit I guess, it was a lot of scales, but aren't most solos based on scales?
the pinch harmonic D at bar 21, i hated that. and again at bar 36.

The song itself is ok in general though it does look like you've just used alot of scale patterns.

I liked how you built up into the song.