Just wondering, I recently purchased a Line6 Spider III 150 (don't flame, what I wanted) and was wonderin if a Line 6 FBV-Express Pedal would be worth getting, or in other words, is it good?
If you have no footswitch, it would be good to have one. I don't know exactly which one is right for you though, so think about what you need in order to switch through all the channels and effects on the amp. The smallest possible switch that can still do what you want it to do is probably the best bet.
it's worth getting if you use it to bludgeon your amp until it's unusable.
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In my experience it's a bad idea to mix more than one Line 6 product. It doesn't benefit you enough for it to be worth the money.
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I have a spider II head and I just use the FB4 pedal... you might not need the whole expression pedal.
I have it and its ok but switching to wah from volume is a pain in the ass
Bah, go for it if you feel that you need it for gigs and whatnot.
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Pedals for changing channel are always useful.
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