I was in Sam Ash the other day and I seen a used Fender Twin Reverb for $900 that I'm really interested in. What I'm wondering is should trade in my current Fender FM 212 DSP that I would look to get for $250 for and pay the difference or I also want to get a new guitar which I'm looking at a Fender American Standard Telecaster that would cost $1000, my current guitar is a Fender Standard Stratocaster. Any suggestions on what to go for?
Go for the Twin Reverb first; amp is 90% of tone.
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Get the twin. The MIM strat is a good instrument, the FM is a horrid amp. Plus you'll be set pretty much forever with a twin.
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I'd do the same, but you know your going to be jones'in for that tele. I would be.
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