I'm going to get a new guitar and for the amount of money that I have saved up (about $2500) I think I should get a custom guitar. I'm wondering what are some good places I can get a custom guitar from? The only one I know about is carvin and the particular model is the DC127. Does anyone know if they are good for shredding?

If you can answer my questions, thanks.
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Any guitar can be good for shred, it all depends on the player.

You could try looking in your local area for luthiers as well.
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At that price you're really limited to Carvin and local luthier level guitars. There's nothing wrong with those but if you want to get something from a bigger name like Ran, ESP, etc... keep saving.

You could probably get a barebones guitar from Ran for about $2500, but personally I think it's pointless if you get a custom and then get the bottom of the line.

^ They're are only a couple production guitars from Suhr you can find for under $2500, so custom is definetely a no.
ranguitars.com is where my current custom is getting built i also bought one of my friend's rans cuz his mom thinks he and his dad have too many... i loved it so much i'm getting my own now 4-6 more months.... damn it
By the way anyone know a luthier who makes custom shape hollow body guitars(not getting it yet just for future plans...)

edit: ran requires 30% down payment the rest to be paid at completion so if you got a steady job go ahead and get one cuz it takes anywhere from 8-12 months
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