ESP LTD Deluxe MH-1000. Stain blue with white binding on body, neck, and head. Abalone binding on front of body, neck and head. EMG 81/85 pickups, Original Floyd Rose (Real not licenced), Grover tuners. Mahogony body w/ quilt maple top and 3 piece maple set-in neck. Amazing sounding and looking guitar in MINT condition. I will also throw in a hardshell case.

This guitar is only 3 months old and never sat on a showroom floor. It came straight from ESP to the shop, unpacked it, tuned it up and I took it home. If you play metal this is the guitar for you. It has had a professional set up and is currently set up in drop C tuning.

Looking to get $800 for guitar and case or trade for a Les Paul or ESP/LTD EC.

I have receipts for guitar, case and set up.

I am located in Vancouver B.C.

Thing looks pretty damn awsome, Not bad, but im also looking to get an EC model ESP so i cant really help you out there. May i ask why your selling?

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+Infinity. This dude knows good metal.
I searched allover for an LTD and I wanted the "non trem" version of this one. But after looking and it being nearly impossible to find one I just happened to walk into the store just as this one came in the door and I grabbed it on impulse. The Floyd Rose just isnt for me. Too much of a pain in the ass for tuning and changing strings for something I'll never use. I could block it but I like the looks and feel of a hardtail better.
If only you weren't in Canada, I've got an Epi Lp I could trade , shipping would make it not worth it on both ends though.
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That sucks. All the offers I've had have been from out of the country. I'm thinkin I miiight ship to the U.S. but it's too expensive to go any farther than that.