Hi all.

Right now I'm running an Ibanez SZ320 in to my beloved Mesa Mark IV, and all is good except for one thing: the fret spacing on the neck changes more drastically than something like a strat. This makes it difficult to do accurate jumps consistently across the neck, since I can't guarantee that the fret distance at one point of the neck is reasonably close to the fret distance at another.
My question: Do you think this can be overcome easily with practice, or should I just get another guitar?
In the case of the latter,what guitars do you recommend that have a more strat-like spacing? I understand that it can't be quite the same across the neck but I'm having to do songs with a lot of jumping around and it would be nice to be accurate. It will be primarily used for high-gain Tool-like sounds and Foo Fighters cleans though in this case gain is the higher priority. My budget is around $1500 US give or take. Thanks in advance.
I honestly don't think there is a difference, seeing as how the frets have to be a certain distance apart in order for the notes to be correct. All you need is practice.
Nah, you'll get used to it. I get used to guitar's fret spacing just spending some time with it. You'll get it down soon.
The SZ has a scale length of 25.1, while a strat is 25.5, meaning the strat has more distance in between the frets. Do you mean the radius is different?
Either way, practice can help but if you're more comfortable with a different neck, that's probably what you should be playing. No since in re-learning what you already know just because your gear isn't right for you.
^That's exactly what I'm talking about: the distance between the frets. As to styles, I play 10 years, Alter Bridge, Tool, Coheed and Cambria, Breaking Benjamin, Van Halen, Velvet Revolver, Santana, and originals that blend various aspects from all of them.
Luckily for you, the SZ is an anomaly. Most ibanez' are 25.5" if I remember properly, so you could look into an S series or an RG series, I know those both are 25.5".
Given two guitars of the same scale length, does that mean that the fret spacing will be the same between them or is there room for difference? I say this because my concern isn't the actual space so much as the change in space across the neck.
idk...i am used to playing an esp with a 24.75" neck 24 frets, and i bought an ibanez witha 25.5" neck and 22 frets and it threw me off a little...i can play them both fine, but im more comfortable with the esp...if you practice enough you can get it...but if its really bothering you, you could switch guitars, but its really just whatever you get used to...
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Practise mate. There was a time when I was having similar problems, but as you get better, you won't even think about making the big jumps anymore, you'll just do it.
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