Ok, so I'm in a newly formed band and our first show is tomorrow. I was formally the drummer in the old one, but now I'm the lead singer in this one. I play guitar for most of our songs too, but there are some songs when I just have the mic. Now being a drummer I'm used to being stationary and if I ever played guitar I at least had something to do so I didn't look as stupid, but what can I do to help add some stage presents without looking like a stiff or a complete douche when I have just the mic?
Move. If the crowd knows the song, try to make them sing along. Put emotion in your vocals.
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You sing.

Don't become a 'i've got great stage presence, but my singing suffers for it' singer. That's crap. Sing becuase you're a singer, and if you're feelin it, you'll move naturally. If you fake it it'll show anyway. Just go do your thing man. Your voice will carry if it's good and you won't have to jump all over the place.
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I like the Liam Gallagher aspect of singing- creepily hold your hands behind your back and lean into the mic
^ yeah. have fun, your performance will show if you are or not and the crowd can tell.
Stage Presents:

Sorry... had to be done....

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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Stage Presents:

Sorry... had to be done....


It really did... thank you for that

But yeah, feel the electricity and make others feel it. Involve the audience, make them clap in beat, etc.
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