If you want to perform the Bear Cavalry song, sign up here. As many people as are interested may sign up. So have fun. Feel free to talk smack.

Please include the name of your band


Please note that the format I have put the song in is just a suggestion. You can re-arrange things, but try not to make drastic changes to the lines. I already removed a few that were rather irrlevant/didn't fit at all, so have fun!
In the dark forests of eternal night
The Hell-Hounds howl sending chills of fright
Trees begin shaking, nothing yet in sight
and when the bell rings, there shall be light
(Bear Cavalry rides in the night...)

All was calm to the beast came
again he was shunned with awe and shame
Bullets screamed throughout the air
Searing past the great bear's hair

The Penguin Army caaame, on to attack,
The bears whipped around, and shot them in their backs!!
****ing cavalry on a ****ing bear!!

Hey, To fight them I do not dare
Calvary Bear Kills with a stare
Fearsome as their bullets rip the cold, arctic air
(cavalry cavalry cavalry BEARS)

Ten thousand grim Cossacks
Atop masses of fury
Their blades slice through flesh
Judge, executioner, jury

While wondering aimlessly trying to find their home.
these bears, all have grown
and they play their battle horn!
even shadows flee
'cause nothing withstands
cavalry bears

The bears come to attack, riding tall, riding strong
calvary bears fight with might under the cold moonlight
they have more power than sunny delight
nakedly showering before a great fight
out to fight for whats right

bullets or spears, nothing comes near
From the frozen white steppe
Comes unstoppable hordes
Submachine guns and sabres
Hot lead and cold swords

Bear Cavalry charges
The enemy flees
From the claws of those monsters
Who slice limbs with ease
With his icy stare he glowers as his minions displease

As the bear cavalry was drawing near
The penguin army was stuck full of fear
And did the leader shed a slight tear
Knowing only what would, The seer

Told predicted a battle full of dread
That the Bear Cavalry leader would lose his head

The seer predicted more and more
That the Bear Cavalry would spread more gore.

And as the Bear Cavalry approached, you run
What do you know? Bears with guns.
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I think you're more than an orchastra geek.

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As an orchestra geek, you appreciate the difficulties of arranging harmonies, particularly horn ones in ska music.

Aside from that, our trombone player is a dick and seriously afraid of bears. This song could be the way to get him to quit.
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can we not all sign up to perform it, and then all of us unveil our creative interpretations of this ballad of epicness?

EDIT: And my reason is because I'm going to be performing for ****ing bear cavalry TOMORROW AND I DON'T WANT TO DIE PLEAAAAAAASE HELP ME!!!!!
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I should be selected to perform the song because I wrote a whole verse and part of the epic chorus(even though the song doesn't really follow the verse/chorus idea).

EDIT: I think I'm going to edit some of the song myself cause some of these lyrics look pretty ridiculous.
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Oh yeah and if no one else volunteers, ts has the task of writing out the completed lyrics. Are you doing any editing, or going to arrange anything differently based upon people posting and not getting where they intended?
me likey.
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Depends what type of song this is gonna be. Example: Metal, Folk, that kinda thing. I know it's an "Epic" but theres different types.
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this is gonna be amazing, but why not make a thread when the song is done and have people post their versions in it?
Yeah someone rick-rolled it, I think that stupid 08er should be banned and then skinned alive. By bear cavalry


hey make the cavalry bears group.
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Ewww the searchbar is a slut, it gets used everyday...

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The brain says "hey, lets be friends" and the dick says "hey, lets get those clothes off, eh?"

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Yeaaaaaah, Huuuuuhuuuu, Saaaaaaah and MASTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR are all Hetfield memes.
Okay wait, should Bears With Guns be an entire different song or will Bears With Guns make an epic appearance in the song too?
I would like to sign up my band to perform this song when it is completed.
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My band'll totally perform this song. Do we just take the lyrics and write our own music or are we trying to collaborate on this song to make one epic song instead of like 20?

We'd eventually have a poll of like, the best compiled song or something..
holy ****. Why didn't I know about this sooner?

<--- in case you didn't notice.
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I would've hailed this as a totally awesome idea, if the lyrics weren't totally retarded.
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The lyrics definitely could use a slight amount of revision but as a whole, they are pretty awesome. I'd imagine that 3 Inches of Blood could do the most with those lyrics. Too bad we don't know 3 Inches of Blood.